Books For Blasphemers: The Dhammapada

on Tuesday, August 24, 2010
I realise there is no definitive Buddhist text, but I went for The Dhammapada because it is a collection of aphorisms from the original Buddha and is therefore accepted as important by most strains of Buddhism. Also, it is only 60-odd pages. Which makes me wonder why the others can't just get to the darn point. Anyway, here goes:

At last here's a book that is shorter
With no angry gods, hate or slaughter
A collection of sorts
Of the Buddha's best thoughts
On living your life as you oughta

Of temptation it's best to be wary
Turn your back on those folk most contrary
Meditate and revere it
Smell like serene spirit*
Cos the the path you walk's just temporary

Some texts I have met with aversion**
Cast first the net then the aspersions
Buddha's pathway to peace
Does this atheist please
So where do I line up for conversion?***

(* Ok, surely you weren't expecting me to resist the temptation to make a Nirvana joke?!?)
(** By some texts, I mean pretty much all the religious texts I have read thus far this month.)
(*** Don't worry mum, I don't really intend on converting to Buddhism.)


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