2015: The Brick and Mortar Revival

on Friday, January 2, 2015
The sun has risen over Playa Del Carmen and the awful techno music from the nearby beach club continues to pump through the very foundation of my hotel. Needless to say, I've had a fair few waking hours to contemplate any new year's resolutions. For the most part I try to avoid them; I'm still smarting from my 2013 "Review Every Book I Read" Resolution. Sure I did it but at what cost? Resentment! Anxiety! Total blogger burnout!

This year I have only one resolution and it's one that I urge all of you to make as well. 2015 will be the year of bricks and mortar. I will only buy books from actual bookstores. No Amazon. No Book Depository. If the book I'm after is out of print I'm allowed to hit up Abebooks or Alibris but that's it. It's time we did our part to stop these online powerhouses from pillaging our authors and publishers. It might be a little more expensive but it will be worth every cent.