The August Challenge: Books For Blasphemers

on Sunday, August 1, 2010
There once was a wannabe writer
Who blogged on the side of books lighter
One day it occurred
To attempt the absurd
And don kippot and turbans and mitres

And so this young bookworm from Melbourne
Bought canonical texts not to shelve them
Starting from Genesis*
Up to Dianetics
He will read them on his fast track Hell-bourne

(*Please humour me and pronounce this Je-na-sis, in equally measured syllables, for the purpose of the rhythmic flow)

Yes folks, this month it's my chance to commit heresy in rhyming verse. In 31 days I shall attempt to get through, and discuss in limerick form:

The Torah (Judaism)
The New Testament (Christianity)
The Qur'an (Islam)
The Mahabharata (Hinduism)
Dhammapada (Buddhism)
The Book of Mormon (Door Knockingism)
Dianetics (Tom Cruisism)

An epic task, I know. But if this doesn't make me a believer, nothing will...


Rachel Muraca said...

My god! (pun intended)
Good luck with that!!!

Quijotesca said...

The earliest version of the Book of Mormon is the best: It's full of grammatical errors and such so it's pretty entertaining at times.

Anonymous said...

Why on earth does hardly anyone comment on this blog. This is consistently brilliant. And surely I'm not the only person that listens to Sunday Night Safran.

Props man. Props

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