2012: A Brief Statistical Interlude

on Monday, December 31, 2012
And now for something completely different...

Before announcing my favourite book of 2012 later this afternoon, I thought I'd take a quick statistical look at my year of reading. Needless to say I know nothing about maths or statistics so the more numerically inclined among you will probably laugh at my ineptitude. Oh well, here goes nothing (being neither a number nor a constant so far as I am aware):

Number of Pages Read: 29,087

Longest Book: Wolf Hall - Hilary Mantel (650 pages)

Shortest Book: Blind Man's Bluff - Aidan Higgins (60 pages)

Average Length of Book: 255 pages

Time Spent Reading (Based on Average Reading Speed of 90 pages an hour): 323 hours or 13.5 days which, in the scheme of things, isn't very long.

So there you go maths nerds. My year in review. Now stay tuned for the 2012 winner of The Bookworm's Book of the Year.


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