Unearthing The Bookworm: "In Conversation" with Etgar Keret

on Tuesday, February 7, 2012
As Futurama's Professor Farnsowrth is wont to say, "Good news everybody!"

After hiding behind a computer screen for the past couple of years, I'm finally making like Jeff Daniels in Purple Rose of Cairo and appearing in the real world as the host of my first ever "In Conversation". The super extra exciting bit is that it will be with Israeli literary/cinematic superstar and fellow lover of the absurd, Etgar Keret. I've been a fan of his for years and was chuffed the first time I got to meet him in my former incarnation as a Hebrew punk rocker, but this is a step above. Nothing like chatting with someone you admire in a room full of serious readers!

It's all going down at 7pm on the 8th of March at the Waverly Library in Bondi Junction, Sydney. I'll be posting the proper flier in the next couple of days but for now you can check out event details and even book your tickets here. It's going to be a blast - Keret is a fantastic guy, his stories are mind-blowingly fun and thought provoking, and he is at the forefront of contemporary world literature. Put simply, if you're in Sydney and you like books, you'd be a schmuck to miss it! I'll even be throwing it open to the floor so you'll have the chance to ask him all your burning questions. In the meantime, check out his wonderful new collection, Suddenly, A Knock On The Door, available whoever good books are sold (and quite a few places that sell crap too).

See you in March!


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