2015: A Short List of Lists

on Monday, December 14, 2015
Panic. Panic! PANIC!!!!!!

I'm not sure where I've been for the past 12 months but I awoke this morning from an almighty slumber to realise that HOLY CRAP we're halfway through December, I'm nowhere near my reading target and BookGods help me it's time to assemble my thoughts into something of a coherent order for the purposes of apportioning cheers (both genuine and Bronx) to the paltry few I have devoured in 2015 (about 110 thus far with a fortnight to go). *Big Breath Out*

So for those of you who care to stay abreast of my ramblings, I present this year's schedule of pontification*.

December 19: Secondary Stars and Other Satellites

December 22: The Shelf of Shame

December 26: The Best of Bridesmaids

December 29: The Final Countdown

December 31: Bait For Bookworms Best Book of 2015

* It should be noted that I really only do this post each year to set myself deadlines or else I'd never get around to it or work myself into an absolute tizz in the few days leading up to new year's.


Rachel Power said...

Bram, I really can't believe you could devour ten books in two weeks? I'm impressed. But are you doing any writing?! I also read 'Stoner' this year. Could there be a book that creeps up on you more quietly? I felt almost destroyed by the end of it. And his wife! Surely one of the most intriguing characters in literature, what do you think?

The Bookworm said...

Hi Rachel. No comment on the writing. Been doing a lot of note taking and research on a new section so hopefully that counts. As for Stoner, there isn't anything I don't love about it. Absolutely agree the wife is intriguing/enigmatic/tragic.

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