2013: A Short List of Lists

on Thursday, December 12, 2013
Calm down 2014. No need to show off just yet. Yes, yes. We all know you are bringing us tasty delights from E. L. Doctorow, Jesse Ball and Robert Coover but for know stop your silly cartwheels and let 2013 have its last gasp of stardom. Holy crap. I'm talking to a concept. It really must be December. Ok, before I go completely nuts here's the rundown of how it's going to play out:

Saturday December 21: Secondary Stars and Other Satellites

Monday December 23: The Shelf of Shame

Thursday December 26: The Best of Bridesmaids

Sunday December 29: The Final Countdown

Tuesday December 31: Book Of The Year

Long time Bookworms will note my lack of a New Year's Aspiration scorecard this time round. Well, I only made one: To review every book I read. And God knows how but I did it. Of the many things I could say, I'll leave it at this: What the hell was I thinking???


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Most excellent.

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