Resolution In Retrospect

on Monday, January 21, 2013
Long-time readers of B4BW might have wondered about the absence of resolutions for 2013. I mean, I've always been the sort of guy who likes to set himself lofty goals and then revel in his failure to achieve most of them. So why not this year? I guess the answer is simple. I couldn't really think of any that were sufficiently different. Or fun. Or achievable.

I did have one half-decent idea: give every month a stupid pun name and read accordingly. Genre-ary!?! How good was that? I'm still strutting around my room with pride (it's worth noting that I could also have done Yan-uary, and only read books by the winner of last year's Nobel Prize, and the strutting would have been equally cocky). Unfortunately, that's where it ended. February... Hmmmm... Let's see. Feb-You-ary (where I only read books recommended by you guys)? Feb-brew-ary (where I read books by drunken Yiddish writers)? Even if I did one of those, what the heck rhymes with March?

Well, I'm glad to report that, almost a month too late, I've come up with what I hope will be an excellent challenge. I am going to review every single book I read in 2013. Yep. Whether it just be by way of a single line or whether I go the full hog, I'm doing them all. Just try to stop me!

(Meanwhile, inside my brain: March... Nope. Still nothing.)


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