How Much Is That Yurtle In The Window?: The Lost Dr. Seuss

on Friday, July 24, 2015
Hush now your Harping
Enough with the Finches
Here's something to cheer up
The grumpiest Grinches!

Fine, I'll stop there.

But who could possibly resist the temptation to wax poetic when yesterday saw the publication of a second "lost" manuscript from another all-time favourite? What Pet Should I Get? marks the unexpected return of the man who shaped my childhood and gave flight to my imagination, Theodore Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss. Now, far be it from me to question my formative years, but this is a book that would really have helped me with my life choices. I mean, had ol' Theo seen fit to publish this masterwork of prospective pet-owner existentialism, I would not have picked a cat that shnotted across the room on regular occasions. Nor would I have stood on the duckling I rescued (I did not like that, not one bit). I might have rethought the ferrets, the snakes, the frogs and the spiders. And I most definitely would not have begged my parents for yeps on my steps, a Nooth Grush for my toothbrush or a Jertain for my curtain.

Obvious parallels could be drawn with a certain other recent publication but I'm just going to leave the thought here for you to ponder while I celebrate a new, if somewhat belated addition to my childhood library.

I've read it and loved it
And am now left to wonder
How long will it take
For ol' Disney to plunder?


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