Profanity of The Bonfires: Banned Books Week 2011

on Monday, September 26, 2011
Revel in your degeneracy peeps, it's Banned Books Week again! Billed as a 'national celebration of freedom to read', this brilliant initiative is designed to point readers in the direction of great books that various governments have tried to stop lit-loving folk from every seeing. Whether it was the Nazis consigning them to the flames or some small-minded Bible belt town council dumping them in the local tip, thankfully these literary pariahs have proven much more resilient and long-lasting than their persecutors. Check out the list of frequently banned classics, or some more recently challenged works and then make like Gandhi and engage in some passive resistance by sitting in your favourite couch and debasing yourself with a filthy, filthy book. Personally I'm tossing up between Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut and The Call of The Wild by Jack London. Then I'll get down and dirty with Nicholson Baker's newie House of Holes (not yet banned, but watch this space) and the German cult classic Wetlands by Charlotte Roche. Take that Adolph!


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