A Joycean Flippancy!

on Friday, June 17, 2011
Yesterday was June 16 - Bloomsday - a 24 hour window for James Joyce fanatics to work themselves into varying states of apoplectic frenzy in commemoration of good ol' Leo Bloom's stroll around Dublin. Personally, I couldn't give a crap about Joyce or the day, but something rather peculiar did happen to me that I couldn't let go without comment. I was crossing the road, having just left The Avenue Bookstore, when a Mini Minor whizzed past me. Its driver looked familiar, a face from a bygone era. One that I had only encountered previously in black and white. At first I thought it was Nietzsche, but the head was too narrow, the glasses too small. No, it was most definitely James Joyce. The date didn't even strike me at the time. I made a random, joking Facebook status update about it and a couple of people reminded me it was Bloomsday. How weird. I was almost run over by the great man himself on the day set aside by officionados of the impenetrable to commemorate his greatest work. Yes, yes... I realise how ridiculous I sound. I know it couldn't have actually been him. But seriously folks, what are the chances?


James Ley said...

Are you sure it wasn't actually Elvis driving that Mini Minor, Mr. Worm?

The Bookworm said...

The thought did cross my mind but the likeness was uncanny. I am willing to concede the possibility that it was a guy dressed up as Joyce on his way to or from a Bloomsday event. The biggest giveaway, however, was the car. We all know that the real Joyce would have been driving a Volvo!

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